UCFB Chief Executive, Philip Wilson

UCFB Chief Executive, Philip Wilson

“I would like to wish you a very warm welcome to UCFB. We are proud to be a world first in Higher Education, dedicated to the delivery of degrees in the operational and business facets of the football, sports and events industries; global multi-billion pound market sectors which require high calibre professionals with specialised administrative, creative, management and operational capabilities.

“There are three key ingredients for a successful career within any industry, not least sport. These are namely a degree, good references from a network of business contacts and a proven track record of work experience. At UCFB these are met and delivered by our Complementary Curriculum through a unique lecture series, workshops, work placement opportunities and executive speakers as part of our inimitable approach to Higher Education.

“Our active involvement in the football, sports and events industries provide a unique and exclusive undergraduate experience for our students. Our undergraduate degrees enable a smooth progression to our portfolio of postgraduate programmes.

“Our degrees have been selected with great care in partnership with the wider and global sports industry to ensure that not only do our students have best-in-class business and management capabilities but also understand the skills required and the nuances of the range of sports careers. You will be taught by leading figures in football business and sports academia, whose expertise has up to now only been available at the level of highly specialised Masters and PhD.

“We are proud to have campus sites located in three state-of-the-art iconic and inspirational locations. UCFB Wembley is situated within the leading legendary Wembley Stadium, a world class entertainment venue and the spiritual home of English football and sports. Our UCFB Etihad Campus is located within Etihad Stadium in Manchester, a world-leading, modern sporting facility. Our UCFB Burnley campus is located within Turf Moor stadium, home of Burnley Football Club, which is embedded in history as one of the few founding members of the football industry in 1882.

“The UCFB teaching facilities overlook the famous Wembley Connected by EE, Etihad and Turf Moor stadia which are used as our ‘chemistry labs’ for our students, allowing you to live, learn and work within the machinery of the industry. During your time at UCFB, you will have the opportunity to apply for paid and voluntary placements within the stadia and with the wider sport and entertainment industries, engaging with staff and customers, and gaining insight into the operations behind matches and events.

“Many students at UCFB have career aspirations outside the sports industry and merely wish to read a traditional academic subject such as a finance degree in the context of something for which they have passion and empathy. Like all things, education is all about motivation and the opportunity for students to read a degree within an inspirational environment at one of our two campus locations in Wembley Stadium and Etihad Stadium is unique to UCFB.”

As a founder of UCFB, Philip Wilson has created the ethos of the institution, putting each student at the centre of everything that UCFB does and embodying the UCFB DNA.

“Thank you for your interest in studying at our pioneering Higher Education institution.

“The UCFB Team and I will be delighted to welcome you to UCFB and support your academic, personal and professional development into a high calibre graduate.

“I ultimately look forward to sharing with you and your family the pride of graduation day where your hard work and dedication will be rewarded and celebrated.”

Philip Wilson

Chief Executive, UCFB