At UCFB we are dedicated to the delivery of ground-breaking undergraduate degree programmes in the strategic, operational and business facets of the football business and wider sport and events industries.

UCFB’s degree programmes give each student the opportunity to study a traditional academic subject within the context of an industry for which they have a genuine passion and interest. We believe such an approach drives engagement and facilitates achievement.

UCFB has the highest quality standards for its degrees – which is one reason why we enjoy unrivalled student retention rates of 98%, with class attendance averages amongst the highest in the nation for a higher education institution.

Student contact time on our undergraduate degrees is significantly higher than the industry norm, with the opportunity to live and learn in our two iconic campuses, UCFB Wembley and UCFB Etihad Campus, throughout your three years – a true inspiration to our undergraduates. Our award-winning facilities ensure you are provided with the best environment in which to develop.

Whether you have ambitions to be a corporate leader in football, a sports media professional or manage some of the biggest events in the entertainment industry, our unique degrees will prepare you with the transferable skills required for a thriving career in these sectors.