UCFB Students’ Union

At UCFB, the Students’ Union’s role is to support and represent UCFB students and make their experience as exciting and rewarding as possible, as well as presenting students with as many opportunities as it can.

The Union is also responsible for student involvement; ranging from coordinating ambassadors and aiding communication with UCFB management, to planning events and sustaining sports teams, clubs and societies. Each of us in the Students’ Union has been democratically elected for our posts and as a result take great pride in our roles at UCFB. We promise to fulfil them to the very best of our abilities, in the hope that current and future students thoroughly enjoy their time at UCFB and are well represented at all times.

In addition to nights out and quizzes, we also organise sports events and annual football trips such as Saloufest.

When we’re not studying, students are usually in UCFB’s Students’ Union, having a beer chatting about the day’s lectures or executive speakers. Also there is Sky Sports to keep up to date on what’s happening in the leagues and a full screen Playstation, and a Quiet Study area for getting on with assignments and research.

UCFB Athletic Union

Sport is an important part of student life at both UCFB campuses.


The UCFB Athletic Union facilitates all students to take part in sport of some nature during their academic career, whether it is as a competitor, participant, organiser or spectator. With both competitive and recreational activities being played every Wednesday afternoon and at other convenient times during term time, it is the perfect opportunity to get involved and represent UCFB in a variety of sports, including football, netball, futsal, rugby, cricket, tennis or martial arts, to name just a few. UCFB enter teams and individuals into the competitive BUCS leagues and tournaments for a range of sports. At our UCFB Etihad Campus, students will be fortunate to have access to the impressive state-of-the-art, modern sporting facilities, while UCFB Wembley students enjoy the state-of-the-art facilities at neighbouring Hendon Football Club.

There are also plenty of opportunities for recreational and even extreme sports, whether you’re an expert or simply looking for a new hobby. The Students’ Union at both campuses run an intramural sports league and host regular recreational activities for all students. This is great for students to come down and have a bit of fun away from competitive sport and their studies. Planned recreational sports events include dodgeball, ultimate frisbee, indoor skiing and snowboarding, badminton, go-karting, basketball, 5-a-side football and rugby 7s, among many others. UCFB students even have the opportunity to go on an overseas sports tour during the Easter holidays.

UCFB cater for all sporting needs. There are abundant opportunities to set up new sports teams, write reports on crucial matches throughout the year or even get involved from an organisational perspective. It’s a great way to improve your social scene, develop your sporting skills and keep fit during your time at UCFB.

For more information on the UCFB Students’ Union or UCFB Athletic Union, please contact studentenquiries@ucfb.com.