We are looking for students who are aiming high. What is essential is that students are passionate about this industry and the way in which it plays a part in the lives of millions who identify with clubs and enjoy games in person and through the media.

The English Premier League, Npower Championship, Npower League 1 and Npower League 2 is known throughout the world, thanks to the high professional standards of the clubs on and off the pitch, the judgment of officials and those who run the sport, together with the professionalism of the media and of those who market and finance the game. UCFB students must have this commitment to high performance and to competing in an international marketplace.

At the same time, students’ experience must be rooted in the practical running of professional football and sports clubs, as well as supporting industries. Our undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes take place at two inspirational campuses; the iconic Wembley Stadium in London and the world-leading, modern sporting facility that is Etihad Stadium in Manchester. Students have state-of-the-art facilities for study within a football business environment. There are opportunities for volunteering in the community and for paid employment in a variety of roles in the two campuses, as well as in work experience placements at other clubs and in other parts of the football and sports industries. Each classroom and placement encounter will enable you to build up your own experience in the industry, to help you achieve your ambitions.


The theoretical underpinning for this practical experience will come from your studies. You will be taught by leading figures in football and sports business academia, whose expertise has mostly been available hitherto only at the level of highly specialised Masters. UCFB has been able to draw on a range of first-class education partners to secure the services of leading academic authorities in this industry.

UCFB is able to help those who have the highest ambitions to use their talents to the full in what we regard as the most exciting industry in the world. Only apply, therefore, if you share these ambitions.