University Degrees in the Football, Sport & Events Industries, taught inside Wembley Stadium, London & Etihad Stadium, Manchester

A World First in Higher Education, UCFB delivers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and executive education in the administrative, management and operational business facets of the global multi-billion pound football, sport and events industries. You will study in teaching facilities overlooking the pitches within the famous Wembley Stadium, London, and Etihad Stadium, Manchester; world-leading, modern sporting facilities that will allow you to live, learn and work within the machinery of these exciting industries.

At UCFB we offer you degrees, lecture series, workshops and executive speakers as part of our inimitable approach to Higher Education. Our active involvement in the football, sport and events industries provides you with a unique and exclusive experience.

BA (Hons) Football Coaching & Management

Football Coaching & Management

The American Sports Business Management degree provides a strong business studies foundation and an understanding of the unique challenges and issues facing sports management.

Read more about the BA (Hons) Football Coaching & Management at UCFB Etihad Campus, taught within Etihad Stadium in Manchester.

UCFB Undergraduate Degrees

BA (Hons) Football Business & Finance

BA (Hons) Football Business & Marketing

BA (Hons) Football Business & Media

BA (Hons) Sports Business & Coaching

BA (Hons) Sports Business & Sports Law

BA (Hons) International Football Business

BSc (Hons) Sports Psychology

BA (Hons) Physical Education

BA (Hons) Sports Business & Sports Broadcasting

BA (Hons) American Sports Business Management

BA (Hons) Football Coaching & Management

BA (Hons) Multimedia Sports Journalism

BA (Hons) Event Management & the Sport Industry

BA (Hons) Music & Live Events

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UCFB Postgraduate Degrees

MSc Sport Management

MSc International Sport Management

MSc Football Science

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Our Complementary Curriculum

We provide two curricula; the academic curriculum which encompasses the exams and coursework and a Complementary Curriculum which gives access to best-in-class executive speakers across the industry and exceptional opportunities to apply for work experience placements, ensuring UCFB students graduate as well-rounded, empowered individuals.

There will be opportunities for volunteering in the community and to apply for both paid employment in a variety of roles and unpaid work experience placements at other clubs and in other parts of the football and sports industry. Each classroom and placement encounter will enable you to build up your own experience in the industry, to help you achieve your ambitions.

Networking opportunities accompany learning and knowledge enhancement activities, and you will benefit from our programme of organised excursions.

Read more about the UCFB Complementary Curriculum.

Career Prospects

UCFB are proud to announce that an incredible 93% of current graduates are in employment and two in three of all graduates are working within the sports industry.

Read more about Employability at UCFB.