A brand new innovative and informative publication, UCFB is proud to launch the first edition of the UCFB Journal of Sports Business.

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“The sports industry today is immense, with diverse roles and requirements that have grown exponentially in the 21st century. Here in the UK alone, there are over 450,000 employed in this sector worth £20bn.

“Throughout history, new opportunities have consistently presented themselves in this expanding global sector, which has proved robust regardless of the economic climate. To maintain this momentum, a pool of passionate, qualified and talented individuals with an in-depth knowledge of the principles of sports management must be ready to fill the millions of current and emerging roles in sports business. Although historically there has been little provision in education and training to fill this gap, UCFB has made it its mission to ensure its longevity and drive this magnificent industry forward.

“The original concept of the institution was by UCFB Chairman Brendan Flood, who recognised the need for a robust provision of sports business education to provide the industry with high calibre business professionals equipped with industry-specific strategic insight, direction and leadership.

“To this end, the UCFB Journal of Sports Business was born. Addressing the gap between education and business, UCFB provides best-in-class academic insight into the workings of the sports industry alongside in-depth interviews with the leaders currently revolutionising the sector.

“Individuals and organisations must recognise the factors that drive today’s growth and success. It is important to understand the factors which have influenced the industry in the past, those which affect it currently, and those which will have an influence in the future. Sports clubs must conduct themselves as any other business, utilising qualitative and quantitative data to make informed judgements and decisions, deploying research and development, understanding consumer behaviour and adhering to financial and regulatory standards. The UCFB Journal of Sports Business will address these vital topics and assist industry stakeholders in their quest for excellence.

“I hope that you enjoy the first edition of the UCFB Journal of Sports Business, and that it inspires and informs you in your career in our superb industry.”

Philip Wilson

Chief Executive, UCFB